Books and Publications

  • John Shaw John's many books contain a wealth of information from basic photo techniques to working in Photoshop to get the most out of the program as well as your images. He also holds workshops as well as 1&2 day seminars about nature photography.
  • Photograph America Newsletter Robert Hitchman travels to many locations across the country photographing nature; his newsletters are published with the routes, hot spots, and best times of year as well as the occasional good eating options! Maps and directions are included and can be of great assistance when traveling to a location you're new to. Visit his web site for subscriptions as well as back issues.
  • Photo Traveler Another publication that covers specific areas in detail. Yearly subscriptions and back issue information can be found at the link above.
  • Tim Grey Tim publishes a daily e-mail that answers questions about P/S techniques, digital imaging, computer issues and more. To get on the mailing list use the link above, it's free and can be very beneficial. There is a yearly subscription for those wanting to post questions as well as access the archives. He has also published many books covering Photoshop and digital workflow.
  • The DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteer's are some of the best maps you can buy. They are published for every state and include roads, GPS grids, topography not shown on most maps; I purchase one for every state I photograph in. They are available in most book stores or can be ordered on line at

Nature Photography Workshops

There are literally hundreds of photographers who lead in depth workshops to nearly any location and or specific subject you may be interested in. Over the years I have found this to be a great way to get the most out of a photo trip, the people who run these workshops are familiar with the areas they offer taking the guess work out of where to be and when. By no means is this a complete list, it is however some photographers I've worked along side of and learned from. Most of all I consider them friends and can highly recommend them for getting the most out of your time.

  • John & Barb Gerlach Two of the best teaching photographers I've met. Their workshops are for any level photographer from those just learning nature photography to people who have been doing it for years. Yellowstone, Michigan UP, Africa are all areas they work extensively as well as other locations.
  • Rocky Mountain Photo Adventures Weldon Lee has a passion, wildlife, his knowledge of and care for wildlife from song birds to grizzly bears is infectious. Small group size along with expert photo and wildlife etiquette makes him one of my favorites for experiencing a wonderful trip to get images of "our wild brothers and sisters". Look over the web site to find where and when he and his partners lead workshops. From Alaska to his home state of Colorado there's plenty to choose from.
  • Danny Burk While initially looking for someone to scan my medium format images, Danny was highly recommended. His drum scanning is perfect for those wishing to get the best detail from a negative or transparency image, the pricing is very reasonable and his attention to detail second to none.

    He also leads workshops into various locations as well as weekend courses for those who are discovering large format photography. One of these weekend courses is where I learned to operate my newly purchased Ebony Sv45U2 4x5 camera. A person needs to look at his website to appreciate the attention to detail he places on photography and that in turn will display what he hopes his students will achieve. If you're interested in or shoot large format Danny is a great person to learn from.

    Besides scanning, location workshops and the intro class his newly added Photoshop class is well worth the time and money. In one week I learned more by hands on teaching than all of the books I've read. After completing the class I returned home to revise nearly all of my master images with vast improvement in the print.

Photo Equipment

  • B&H Photo A wide range of photo and computer equipment
  • Hunt's Photo Also a large selection of photo and related items, very helpful staff
  • Kirk Enterprises QR Plates, ballheads, tripods & flash accessories and more
  • Really Right Stuff Plates, tripods, ballheads, macro rails and more
  • Badger Graphic Extensive line of large format cameras & lenses, printers & paper/inks, lighting
  • Midwest Photo Digital to large format photo dealer
  • KEH I've purchased many used lenses and other items from keh and never been disappointed. The grading system they use is very accurate and usually the item is in better condition than expected.
  • Glazer's Camera A photography equipment dealer but also rental of cameras and lenses. I've only used them once to rent the Nikon 600mm I so desperately want to own, but the service was excellent.

Organizations & Associations

  • National Wildlife Federation Dedicated to awareness and preservation of our wildlife and habitat for the future. Lot's of online articles and information about nature and wildlife.
  • NANPA The North American Nature Photography Association is a great organization that promotes nature photography, education and ethics in the field. Member forums and opportunities to have your work shown are but a couple of the benefits of membership.
  • Naturescapes An online site for photographers to read articles, post questions about various photo related subjects and show portfolios. I use the forum section quite often when problems arise or if I can help someone else out.
  • Nature Photographers Online Magazine Very similar to Naturescapes, another fine online resource.